Terms & Conditions

Please read through our Terms & Conditions carefully before engaging in our services. These Terms & Conditions will be enforced on all orders with no exceptions. 


Our main line of communication is via WhatsApp & Email since it’ll ease our documentation and tracking of your orders and changes.

All bookings and request for quotations are to be made via our website and through our ‘add to cart’ and checkout system. We don’t take bookings via direct email, phone calls, Facebook or Instagram.

To set up an appointment with us, please fill up the VIEWING APPOINTMENT FORM.

To place a custom order, fill up the CUSTOM ORDER FORM.

Communication via phone calls are for pickup and returns only. Phone calls are subjected to our availability.

Do take note that our inventory constantly changes, so please refer to the online catalog for the latest information and prices for all our rentals.

​Collection Methods & Appointments

Collection methods available are via self-pickup or self-arrangement delivery

We only open the storage during operating hours. All pickup and returns appointment will need to be set within our operating hours.

If you’ve requested for an appointment beyond our operating hours, a service charge of RM 20.00/per every half an hour will be collected during the appointment and is subject to approval. No service charge is imposed for appointments during operating hours.

Rental holding period

The standard rental holding period is up to 5 days. Extensions are to be requested during booking and will only be allowed based on the rental item’s availability. Any rental holding period that is longer than five days will incur in a rental extension fee. The rental fee will be calculated automatically during check out based on the dates you’ve selected. The price listed on the catalog is for our standard 5-day rental holding period and not a daily rate.

A late return penalty will be incurred if the rental item is returned after the confirmed return date. The confirmed return date will be as stated in the invoice/receipt.  A late fee will be charged even for rental holding periods that are less than five days. We clear the order based on the dates provided on the invoice and will open that item up for booking a day after the return date. If we’ve cleared your order for one day, three days, or even a long-term rental holding period, please abide by the dates as stated in the invoice. We will impose a late fee if the rentals are returned after the return date stated on the invoice, regardless of the number of days of the rental holding period selected. No late return penalty will be charged if we approve the extension, if you need to reschedule your returns date, contact us first and get a confirmation to avoid the late fee charges. Otherwise, late fee charges will charge based on the number of days of late return and also the total amount of business losses caused by unable to provide the material to the next customer. (Example: That material should be rent to a new customer on that day, but  we failed to deliver due to late returning from the previous customer.)

If you’ve somehow picked up the rentals later than the date listed in the invoice, you will not get an automatic return date change (for the full 5-day rental holding period) and the rentals will need to be returned to us based on the returns date specified in the invoice. If you’d like to change the returns date, contact us first to confirm it.

Bookings & payment

Reservations will only be confirmed upon payment of the booking deposit.

Payment shall be made via transfer/deposit into our accounts. We do not offer payment upon pick up as we are unable to confirm your booking without the booking deposit.

Payment via a cheque must be made and delivered to us a week before the pickup date. Do advise us during the booking process if that is your preferred payment method.

The booking deposit must be made within 48 hours after Levento confirms the availability of the item. By paying the booking deposit, you hereafter agree to Levento terms and conditions.

If the previous customer accidentally damaged a product, we reserve the right to remove the item from the list or replace a similar product for an exchange




Initial deposit to secure and reserve item. For total rental fee less than RM 1000.00, 50% of the booking deposit will be collected, however for a total rental fee more than RM1000.00 please kindly make an appointment. Non-refundable despite the cancellation. Only refundable if the item becomes unavailable due to loss or damages.


Balance payment is required to be made on the spot by cash or before the pickup date with proof of print out a receipt.


A security deposit to ensure the safe handling of the rental items. Higher security deposit for high-value items [e.g., Photo backdrop]. Fully refundable upon safe return of the rental item. It can be made in cash upon pick up, or via online transfer during the booking deposit payment or during the payment of the total balance. ​If you’ve opted to pay it via online transfer, we will transfer it back to you via online transfer after the returns have been made, and it will take 1-2 business days. All customers are to claim their security deposits within two weeks of the returns.


All quotations, invoices, booking receipts, and receipts are done digitally and provided via email. The final receipt will be provided upon request and will be emailed after the return of the rental items.

There will be a rental agreement required to be signed during the pickup. We advise all customers or their representatives to read through the agreement before filling it up with all the information required and signing it. The customer or representative will have to provide their Identification Card for verification purposes. Failure in doing so will result in LEVENTO not releasing the rentals to the customer or representative, and no refunds shall be issued for the rental total. Only a full refund of the security deposit will be issued.

A copy of the rental agreement can be found in the contract provided in the order confirmation via email.

Do check out the “Indemnification Agreement for Representatives” below if a representative will be picking up (self-collection) or receiving (delivery) on your behalf.

Rushed Orders

We try our best to fulfill rushed or same-day orders but only if we were able to process the order (check the availability of rentals). It is best to get in your order via our Add to Cart system a minimum of 2 weeks before your requested pick up date.

Special Orders

As we do provide special orders and custom order items that are not available in our current stock, any costs born from cancellations or changes in the order after confirmation will be covered by the customer; refunds will not be available.

Cleaning Fees

Before each pickup, we will prepare and clean all rental items, LEVENTO will impose a cleaning fee if the rental items that are brought back to us require cleaning. The rental items that are brought back to us should be in the same or similar state that they were during pick up.

 A compulsory cleaning fee will be imposed on all our table linens and is included in the rental price. The cleaning fee will be taken out of the security deposit.

Damages or Loss

We highly encourage that you check the rental items during pick up and alert our staff of the defects unless otherwise stated in each of the item descriptions. The renter is liable for any damages and loss after picking up and for the whole duration of the rental period. Any defects or damages notified after the rentals leave our storage will be the responsibility of the Renter.

Since we perform all outgoing and incoming inspections at our storage during operating hours, we highly encourage that all customers are present during both inspections to avoid any damages/loss disputes and for a clear handoff. If a customer opts for a delivery or to send a representative, LEVENTO will continue with the inspection and claim any damages/loss fees that apply.

Any damages and costs from the damage will come out of the security deposit. If the damages/loss costs more than the security deposit, we are entitled to claim the full market value of the item.

Let us know ASAP of which rental items that are damaged or lost and how many of them that are damaged or lost so that we can order new ones to fulfill future orders. Time is of an essence to us if a rental item is damaged or lost as we have other orders to fulfill. And the most important part is, do not attempt to fix it yourself and let us fix it right.

Indemnification Agreement for Representative

The representative will be accepting the terms & conditions of the rental agreement on the renter’s behalf. We advise all customers to read through the contract provided in the order confirmation via email to read through the full rental agreement that the representative will be signing on their behalf.

In the case that you are sending a representative for the pick up/returns, please provide them with a copy of the invoice instead of your own generated list to ensure that there are no discrepancies. If the list given to the representative is different to the invoice, we will only release the rentals as per the invoice. ​

​Please have your representative check the condition of the rentals before leaving our storage since any damages or loss while the rentals are in the hands of the representative will be taken out of the security deposit paid by the Renter. So kindly ensure that the rentals are also packed properly to avoid any damages during transportation. As any damages that occur during transportation of the representative will be taken out of the security deposit.

We highly recommend customers to opt for self-collection at our storage and to be present for the in-store inspection and briefing by our staff.